Medical treatment in the United Kingdom

The following information is provided to assist your planning for your trip to the UK:

  • Free medical treatment is generally not available to overseas visitors to the UK.
  • It is recommended that you purchase personal travel insurance for your visit to the UK to cover emergency medical treatment and health care in the case of any other illness or accident that might occur, even if you cannot be insured for your pre-existing medical condition/s.
  • In general, you should bring enough clotting factor treatment with you for your stay, plus a small extra for contingencies.
  • If you are travelling to different parts of the UK before or after the WFH 2018 World Congress, note that clotting factor product for emergency in the UK may be limited to larger hospitals. The following is a link to haemophilia treatment centres across the UK:
  • As at previous WFH World Congresses a treatment room, stocked with donated clotting factor, will be set up at the Scottish Event Campus (SEC) during the WFH 2018 World Congress and health professionals will be available to help you if you need treatment for your bleeding disorder. Donated treatment products will only be made available for those patients who do not have access to their own medication.

Bringing your clotting factor and other medication to the UK

You may bring up to a three-month supply of a human therapeutic product into the UK for your personal use without a permit, provided it is commercially prepared and manufactured. However, it is generally recommended you bring the necessary amount for your stay. This includes your regular prescribed medicines and recombinant clotting factor products.

You will need a travel letter, in English, signed by your physician to carry the product on the plane.

Helpful tips for all medicines and clotting factor products:
  • Keep the medicine in its original packaging with the product labelling visible.
  • Make sure you bring a letter written, in English, from your doctor explaining that you require these medicines and/or clotting factor for your medical condition. This letter should preferably be accompanied by a copy of your prescription.
  • Your doctor’s letter should indicate if you need to carry needles or syringes in addition to administration devices supplied by the manufacturer.
  • Declare your medicines to UK Customs and provide the letter from your doctor when entering the UK
  • It is generally advised that you carry your medicines in your hand baggage. It is still advised to check security procedures at your departing airport.
  • It is your responsibility to store your medicines and clotting factor in packaging that meets manufacturers advice for temperature control and to check with your airline that your cold store packaging meets security requirements.
Additional steps required for plasma derived clotting factor products
  • If you are travelling with plasma derived clotting factor it should be labelled ‘product of human origin’, or be accompanied by supporting documentation from the supplier to confirm the origin.


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