Enjoying direct air links from almost every major city from all corners of the globe, Kuala Lumpur is a splendid gateway to the fascinating destination that is Malaysia. As it was in the days of the ancient Malay empire, Kuala Lumpur’s commercial centre is a grand meeting place for merchants and travelers from all around the world.

Kuala Lumpur city is enriched with past and present history, as characterized by the contrast of evocative British colonial buildings in the city’s bustling streets and towering modern office towers. One of Southeast Asia’s most remarkable and enthusiastic capitals, the city has grown over the course of the last century from a sleepy tin mining colony to a glittering global metropolis. The city has weathered the turn-of-the-millennium Asian economic crises and continues to develop—and the best symbol of this is the iconic silhouette of the ultra-tall PETRONAS Twin Towers.

Home to some of Southeast Asia's biggest and most prestigious shopping malls, Kuala Lumpur is a popular shopping destination for both locals and international visitors. It’s also a city full of wonderful sights, lively neighborhoods, magnificent architecture and rich culture.

To find out more information about cuisine, dining, nightlife, entertainment, shopping and other activities, please visit the official Kuala Lumpur website portal at www.visitkl.gov.my.