Join Us in the Global VWD Call to Action

Each national member organization of the WFH is invited to sign this Call to Action to acknowledge the work that needs to be done, to make a commitment to recognizing VWD and other rare bleeding disorders by taking action to create awareness, resources and provide support to improve the lives of those living with VWD.

  • Organize a talk with patients/families on what is VWD
  • Write an article in your newsletter, blog, website, social media on VWD
  • Provide orientation and accompaniment to parents on VWD
  • Adopt VWD as part of your organization's mandate
  • Include VWD in your organization's advocacy efforts
  • Any other action that brings awareness, education, or promotes conversation about VWD

Step by step process of signing on to the Call to Action 

  • Review and discuss it with your board of directors
  • Reflect on what actions your organization can implement
  • To sign the call, there are two options:

For more information about the VWD Call to Action please contact us at


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