Data and Demographics Committee 2018-2020

The WFH Data and Demographics Committee oversees all WFH activities related to data collection, management, and analysis. The Data and Demographics Committee is responsible for publishing the Report on the Annual Global Survey. It is chaired by Jeff Stonebraker, and includes data experts, clinicians, and patient leaders.

Data Collection

Jeff Stonebraker

Committee Members 
Alfonso Iorio (past chair)
Vanessa Byams
Magdy El Ekiaby
Mike Makris
Jamie O’Hara
Hervé Chambost

Glenn Pierce (Vice President Medical – ex-officio)
Alain Weill (President – ex-officio)

Annual Global Survey Reviewers
Paula Bolton-Maggs 
Randall Curtis
Suely Rezende 
Mike Soucie (CDC)
Alok Srivastava

For more information on the Data and Demographics Committee, please contact:

Updated July 2018