Education Advisory Committee 2016-2018

The Education Advisory Committee (EAC) is responsible for oversight and guidance of the activities of the Programs and Education Department including the delivery of medical education and training curricula, and the development of educational resources, as well as advising on the overall objectives and goals in this area. 

Flora Peyvandi
Radoslaw Kaczmarek

Miguel Escobar, IHTC Committee Chair
Sukesh Nair, IEQAS Committee Chair
Sharon Caris, Organization Twinning Committee Chair
Jayson Stoffman, Centre Twinning Committee Chair
Deon York, Youth Leadership Committee Chair
Nicholas Goddard, Musculoskeletal Committee Chair
Steve Kitchen, Laboratory Committee Chair
Kate Khair, Nurses Committee Chair
Alison Dougall, Dental Committee Chair
Richa Mohan, Psychosocial Committee Chair
Thomas Sannié
Julia Thomas 
Marijke van den Berg, VP Medical (ex-officio)
Alain Weill, President (ex-officio)

For more information on the EAC, please contact:

Updated March 2017