The WFH Recognizes Outstanding Volunteers at the WFH 2016 World Congress

The WFH Awards Ceremony, held during the WFH 2016 World Congress in Orlando, recognizes those individuals who have inspired all of us by generously giving their time, expertise and passion to the inherited bleeding disorders community and the WFH.

International Frank Schnabel Volunteer Award
The International Frank Schnabel Volunteer Award was given to Mark Skinner for his contributions to furthering the mission and goals of the WFH. Mark Skinner is known for his impressive accomplishments as a volunteer for the bleeding disorders community and his focus on patients first and foremost. He has worked tirelessly to make things better for people with bleeding disorders globally. More information on this award >

International Healthcare Volunteer Award

This award was given to Lily Heijnen. She is a rehabilitation specialist from The Van Creveld Clinic in the Netherlands and has dedicated her professional life and much of her private life to hemophilia. She started as a young doctor at the Van Creveld clinic and after becoming a rehabilitation specialist she worked with Piet de Klein and Eveline Mauser-Bunschoten to educate and promote the importance of rehabilitation and physiotherapy to improve the lives of people with inherited bleeding disorders. More information on this award >

Young Researcher Award
The Young Researcher Award was awarded to Mahasen Saleh, Christopher Mwaniki, Jamie O’Hara, Shannon Jackson, Lakshmi Srivaths, Aarti Shah, Lisette M. Schütte, Kristina Kihlberg, Fabio Souza and Pu-Lin Luo for their highly rated abstracts on hemophilia and other inherited bleeding disorders. The winners are selected from principle presenters and authors of abstracts submitted for Congress. 

WFH Clinical Research Grant Program
The WFH Clinical Research Grant Program is a peer reviewed program that helps provide support for international clinical investigation relating to inherited bleeding disorders. The 2016 recipients of the grants were Arijit Biswas, Hervé Chambost and Yves Guillaume. In 2015 the recipients were Victor Jiménez-Yuste, Marzia Menegatti, Silvia Riva, and Jonathan C. Roberts. More information on this award >

Susan Skinner Memorial Scholarship
The Susan Skinner Memorial Scholarship was awarded in 2015 to Michelle Cecil who has von Willebrand Disease and is a former participant in NHF’s National Youth Leadership Institute and manager at Camp Bold Eagleand and Joelle Palmatier who has mild Hemophilia A and is a carrier and has served as a counselor and lifeguard at summer camps for children with bleeding disorders, both from the United States. In 2016 the scholarship was awarded to Ashley Taylor-Fowlie who has von Willebrand Disease and is a chapter secretary and youth delegate for the Haemophilia Foundation of New Zealand and Claudia Teresa Peña Villena who has von Willebrand Disease and is the Board of Directors’ spokesperson for the La Libertad chapter of the Hemophilia Association of Peru. More information on this award >

Twins of the Year Awards
These awards are given out annually to the hemophilia organizations or treatment centres that best showcase the philosophy and potential behind the Twinning Program. 

The Hemophilia Treatment Centre Twins of the Year for 2014 was awarded to: Hospital Nacional Carlos Alberto Seguin Escobeldo in Arequipa, Peru and the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, United States. In 2015 the Centre Twins of the Year was awarded to St. Marina University Hospital of Varna, Bulgaria and the University Hospital Bonn, Germany.

The Hemophilia Organization Twins of the Year for 2014 was awarded to the Asociación Nicaragüense de Hemofilia and the Quebec Chapter of the Canadian Hemophilia Society. In 2015, the Hemophilia Organization Twins of the Year was awarded to the Hemophilia Society of Bangladesh and Canadian Hemophilia Society

More information on these awards >


Henri Chaigneau Award
The Henri Chaigneau Award of the Association Française des hémophiles was awarded to Professor Thierry Vandendroessche & Professor Marinee Chuah for their joint “extensive research, on gene therapy for Hemophilia A and B and von Willebrand disease, which shows the way for curative treatment of these inherited disorders”.


Inga Marie Nilsson Award
In 2016 the Inga Marie Nilsson Award was presented to Frederíca Cassis (Brazil), a psychologist at the Hospital das Clinicas at the Ambulatory of Hemophilia, in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She developed HemoAction “playing and learning about hemophilia,” a set of educational flash cards that in 2009 were reproduced by the WFH in five languages: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Arabic. She was awarded for her leadership role in the development of the HemoAction cards and games. More information on this award >

Henri Horoszowski Award
The Henri Horoszowski Award was established to encourage musculoskeletal specialists to become involved in hemophilia care. In 2016, the award was attributed to Fabio Souza. More information on this award >