WFH International Lifetime Achievement Award

This Award was established in 2006 and is given to an individual in recognition of a body of work over a period of time. Recipients have contributed to furthering the mission and goals of the World Federation of Hemophilia in a particular region, country or professional area, throughout their career and for a significant part of their lives.

This Award is given, when merited, at the bi-annual World Congress or may be given, when appropriate, during formal meetings with WFH leadership.

Gordon Clarke with his award. The award was presented to Gordon in person by
WFH president Alain Weill at the EHC meeting in Belfast.

In 2014, the Lifetime Achievement Award went to Gordon Clarke for his life-long commitment to securing a better treatment and care for people with bleeding disorders in his Northern Irish community and internationally with his involvement with the WFH.

Past recipients

Gordon Clarke

Christine A. Lee

Bruce Evatt

Updated January 2018