WFH International Award for Outstanding Service

Established in 2010, this Award is given to an individual or an organization that has demonstrated outstanding service to the World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH) and to furthering the mission of the WFH. The recipient is a role model and will have demonstrated leadership, commitment, and active dedication to serving the bleeding disorders community. The recipient’s efforts have resulted in a measurable difference in the care of people with bleeding disorders.

This Award is given, when merited, at the bi-annual World Congress or may be given, when appropriate, during formal meetings with WFH leadership.

L-R: WFH Patron Jan Willem André de la Porte, Leigh Carpenter,
Hemophilia of Georgia Chief Pharmacist and Trish Dominic, CEO

In 2010, the Outstanding Service Award went to Hemophilia of Georgia (HoG). HoG’s dedicated staff handles the complex logistics of international medical distribution and undertake the physically demanding work of receiving, storing, and packing supplies of factor concentrate. Their work has helped save lives and relieved suffering for hemophilia patients in many countries.

Past recipients

Hemophilia of Georgia


Updated January 2018