Recipient of the 2013 Susan Skinner Memorial Fund Scholarship

Leslie Situ-Ferber

“One of the main reasons for pursuing my Master’s in public health was due to my involvement in the bleeding disorders community. I want to gain the skills necessary so I can effectively find funding and create health programs within the community. This fellowship has helped me open up dialogues with community leaders from around the world and eventually work within the community in a non-profit capacity.

My whole experience during the NMO training, Congress, and General Assembly has been phenomenal. Things that moved and impressed me the most is the level of cohesion we have with each other. It didn’t matter that it was just the first day of meeting everyone, we were able to bond and collaborate to build on different ideas. The fact that we can let go cultural/language/geography/political differences to accomplish a common goal, to support better care for people with bleeding disorder, is touching.”

Updated July 2015