Susan Skinner Memorial Fund scholarship

The Susan Skinner Memorial Fund endowment was established in 2007 by WFH USA to support the training, education and leadership development of young women with bleeding disorders. Scholarship recipients aged 18 to 30 years, from the United States and abroad, demonstrate outstanding leadership to improve the care of women with bleeding disorders in their country and the potential to become future leaders in the bleeding disorder community.

The fund commemorates the late Susan Skinner, an American woman determined to ensure the availability of safe and effective treatment for her two sons. The WFH USA is deeply grateful to Mr. Thomas Skinner who created the fund, family members and friends as well as organizations in the bleeding disorder community who continue to support the fund.

A decision by the WFH USA Board of Directors in 2014 has doubled the number of Susan Skinner award recipients. Historically, the award has been given to an American candidate and an international candidate, but this decision will increase the awards allowing for two awards for American applicants and two international awards.

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Recipients of the Susan Skinner Memorial Fund scholarship

Ashley Taylor-Folie  New Zealand        2016
Claudia Peña Villena  Peru  2016
Michelle Cecil  USA  2015
Joelle Palmatier  USA  2015
Salma Kiran  Pakistan  2014
Leslie Situ-Ferber  USA  2013
Aleksandra Illijin  Serbia  2012
Alexandra Johnson  USA  2011
Salima Hadjammar  Algeria  2010
Danielle Schwager  USA  2010
Mallory O’Connor  USA  2009
Celia Marina Mendoz Choqque  Peru  2009
Marija Nakeska  Macedonia  2008
Julia McDougal  USA  2008


Updated June 2017