How do you select the people in the developing world to whom you will send medical treatment?
The WFH sends donations of treatment products to recognized patient groups or medical centers in developing countries. We do not deliver humanitarian aid directly to individuals. This ensures that donated products are well managed, that patients receive the right dosage needed and that we can evaluate the impact of the donation on patients. We ask the patient group or medical center for full reports on how the product was used, including patient identification, outline of the medical emergency and total quantity used.

What happens to people if they receive humanitarian treatment product one year and not the next year?
The treatment products we send overseas are used for emergencies and urgent needs. They can't in any way replace what governments should provide people with bleeding disorders to ensure they lead healthy and productive lives. WFH lobbies governments of developing countries to improve medical treatment and care. In fact, our humanitarian aid program clearly demonstrates that quality of life improvements are possible from even small amounts of safe and effective medical treatment.

Does WFH USA provide donations of treatment for people with bleeding disorders here in the USA?
WFH’s humanitarian aid program focuses solely on providing treatment free of charge to children and adults who live in the developing world with little or no access to proper medical attention. In the United States, excellent medical treatment is widely available, although there are some people who fall through the cracks in the medical system. For more information about treatment and services for people with bleeding disorders here in the United States, please contact the National Hemophilia Foundation. The National Hemophilia Foundation represents the interest of people with bleeding disorders nationwide and has chapters throughout the country. It is dedicated to finding better treatments and cures for bleeding and clotting disorders through education, advocacy and research.

Where do your donations of medical treatment come from?
We are fortunate to receive donations of treatment products from many pharmaceutical companies. We also receive donations from local pharmacies and homecare companies.

How is WFH USA different from the World Federation of Hemophilia based in Montreal, Canada?
While a separate organization with our own Board of Directors and unique mission, WFH USA serves as the friend-raising and fundraising arm of the World Federation of Hemophilia in the United States. The support of American citizens and organizations is critical to the success of our global movement for improved treatment and care. WFH USA provides an opportunity for the average American to get involved.

How can I help?
Please click here to learn how you can help us to raise awareness, raise funds and raise hope for people with bleeding disorders around the world.

Updated January 2014