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The WFH created an article series called Global Perspectives. These articles are designed to educate, raise awareness and highlight issues of interest for bleeding disorders communities around the world. Read more

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Spring 2011

You can help keep hope alive
Did you know that today over 70 per cent of people with bleeding disorders around the world remain undiagnosed? And more than 75 per cent receive inadequate treatment or no treatment whatsoever? Without treatment, most children with severe hemophilia will die young or grow up severely disabled. Your donation will keep hope alive for children like Jimmy all over the world.

Fall 2010

Keep on Traveling – Journey Around the World Goes Global
New Film Documents Tragedy of HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis in the Bleeding Disorders Community
Update from the National Hemophilia Foundation Conference
Hemophilia of Georgia Wins Award at the World Hemophilia Congress 2010

Spring 2010

Humanitarian Aid Donations Change Lives 
A Global Feast Partnership 
Tapping the Power of Patients

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