WFH USA Humanitarian Aid

As the fund-raising arm of the WFH in the United States, one of our priorities is to support the WFH Humanitarian Aid Program, bringing treatment to international communities in need. The reality for many people with bleeding disorders is that they do not have adequate care if any at all, and so we support the WFH's efforts by collecting and coordinating the distribution of donated in-date clotting factor concentrates from manufacturers, hospitals, pharmacies, and homecare companies, shipping it where it is needed.

This is where YOU come in, we need your financial support to keep shipments of donated treatment products flowing to communities in need. Please help cover the cost of these shipment by donating today.

Humanitarian Aid partners

We are immensely grateful for the generosity of our corporate donors and others who make donations of humanitarian aid. Without these donations of treatment products, WFH USA would not be able to save thousands of lives each year in the developing world.

Humanitarian Aid partners are recognized in Hemophilia Aid, the WFH USA Year-End Report.

To donate treatment products
If you are a homecare company, hemophilia treatment center, pharmacy or pharmaceutical company and would like to donate hemophilia treatment products, please refer to the WFH USA Humanitarian Aid Program Guidelines and contact Dr. Assad E. Haffar, Humanitarian Aid Director at

Non-profit partners

Hemophilia of Georgia
Thanks to the staff and volunteers of Hemophilia of Georgia, blood-clotting treatment products are shipped to medical centers in more than 50 developing countries each year. Beyond providing WFH USA with invaluable assistance in international shipping, Hemophilia of Georgia also makes an outstanding leadership contribution. We are grateful for the advice and leadership of Trish Dominic, Executive Director Hemophilia of Georgia, who serves on the WFH USA Board of Directors.

National Hemophilia Foundation
The National Hemophilia Foundation (NHF) serves people with hemophilia and other bleeding disorders throughout the United States. NHF has chapters across the country and is dedicated to finding better treatment for bleeding and clotting disorders, preventing the complications that arise with these disorders through education, and advocacy and is a global leader in coordinating and funding research for a cure.

The NHF is the National Member Organization (NMO) of the World Federation of Hemophilia in the United States.

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