Our Team

World Federation of Hemophilia
1425, boul. René-Lévesque Ouest, bureau 1200
Montréal, Québec H3G 1T7

General Inquiries

Tel.: +1 514-875-7944
Fax: +1 514-875-8916

Alain Baumann
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Antonio José Almeida
Senior Director, Operations

Pamela Ngoga
Executive Assistant

Christiane Casavant, CHRP
Human Resources Manager

Strategic & Community Partnerships


Jennifer Laliberté
Director, Strategic & Community Partnerships / WFH USA National Director

Marlene Spencer
Corporate Relations Manager

Annie Colavita
Philanthropy Manager, Giving & Membership

Roddy Doucet
Philanthropy Manager, Community Outreach

Andreina Tovar Sanchez
Philanthropy Manager

Humanitarian Aid


Assad E. Haffar
Director, Medical & Humanitarian Aid

Georgios Ampartzidis
Logistics Manager, Humanitarian Aid

Jayson Martin
Humanitarian Aid Development & Training Manager

Tanya Dranzewsk
Humanitarian Aid Coordinator

Marlene Ranz
Humanitarian Aid Officer

Daniela Urcia
Humanitarian Aid Assistant

Regional Development


Yuki Gotanda
Interim Head, Regional Development

Rana Saifi
Regional Manager
Middle East

Irene Chami
Regional Manager
Central & Southern Africa

Marie Ann Fernandez
Regional Manager
Southeast Asia & Western Pacific

Sachi Satapathy 
Regional Manager
South Asia & East Asia

Yulian Tsolov
Regional Manager

Fernanda de Carvalho Geiger
Regional Manager
South America

Miguel Izquierdo
Regional Manager
Central America & Caribbean

Felipe Mallarino
Regional Development & Accreditation Coordinator

Julie Neal
Interim Regional Development Assistant

Programs & Education


Luisa Durante
Interim Head, Programs & Education

Fiona Robinson
Education Materials Manager

Stephanie Pineda
Program Coordinator
Twinning & Global NMO Training

Aleah Loney 
Program Coordinator
IHTC, IEQAS, and Education Materials Production

Zoe Jackson
Programs & Education Assistant

Research & Public Policy


Donna Coffin
Director, Research & Public Policy

Mayss Naccache 
Data & Research Manager

Toong Youttananukorn 
Data & Research Coordinator

Ellia Tootoonchian 
Data Analysis Specialist

Jennifer Brennan 
Research & Public Policy Assistant

Congress & Meetings


Jeremias Rodriguez, CMP
Director, Congress & Meetings

Danielle André
Senior Congress & Meetings Manager
Exhibitions & Special Events

Hélène Lussier
Senior Congress & Meetings Manager
Scientific Program & Special Events 

Liliane Yan
Acting - Congress & Meetings Manager
Special Events

Ibiza Vazquez Macario
Housing Officer

Ingrid Castro
Registration Officer

Megan Del Grosso
Interim Events Assistant

Marketing & Communications


Neha Suchak
Director, Marketing & Communications

Erika Laincy
Marketing & Communications Manager

Mitch Semienchuk
Editor/Editorial Services Coordinator

Laura Podmore
Marketing & Communications Assistant

Finance & Administration


Irene Bitharas, CPA, CGA
Director, Finance & Administration

Johanne Paul
Administrative Assistant


Elena Galstian
Head, Accounting & Financial Planning

Gayane Avagyan
Accounting Manager

Anush Bakhshyan
Accounting Technician

Emilie Réhel is on leave until September 2019
Christina Mills on leave until November 2019
Salome Mekhuzla on leave until May 2020
Jessica Tavares on leave until May 2020

Information Technology 


Linda Lovegrove
Head, Information Technology

Annie Luong
Database Coordinator

Martin Cloutier
IT Officer

Hampig Krjalian
IT Database Analyst

Electra Rozakis
IT Data Entry Clerk