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Living with a bleeding disorder often sidelines children and young adults, especially in the developing world, where patients often lack access to treatment. A child experiencing a bleed often cannot go to school, play with friends, or sometimes even sleep at night because of the pain. Parents miss work to care for their child or to take them for hospital visits. 

You can change that.

By signing up as a WFH Caregiver and committing to a monthly gift, you help us to ensure children like Segawa, Bachir, and Ijaz and their families can rise above this uncertainty. 

Why give monthly?

A modest recurring monthly donation can add up to a significant annual contribution:

If you normally give $150 each year, giving $15 monthly will increase your gift to $180 each year.
When combined with others, it becomes a transformational gift!

Imagine if 100 people signed up as WFH Caregivers to help the WFH fund its most urgent needs:

$15 per month for 12 months = $18,000 each year
$30 per month for 12 months = $36,000 each year

Becoming a Caregiver offers many advantages

  • For you
  • For the WFH

  • It’s easy! Affordable monthly installments can provide you the opportunity to give a little more and stay on budget.
  • Save postage and time with automatic transactions; enter your details online only once.
  • Flexibility. You can easily increase, pause or stop your gift at any time.
  • A cumulative charitable tax receipt is issued annually (for US and Canadian residents).
  • AND you’re helping a great cause!

  • Monthly giving helps reduce administrative costs, so more of your gift will go to work where it matters most.
  • This regular support provides us with a steady and reliable revenue stream for our ongoing projects, along with the flexibility to capitalize on new program opportunities as they arise.

Your support as a WFH Caregiver will help change the lives of children living with a bleeding disorder in the developing world.

Sign up online today!