Segawa was born with severe hemophilia A but never knew it. In fact, his brother and two uncles all died from complications related to hemophilia but none of them had even heard of the condition—let alone received a proper diagnosis.

A painful knee bleed at the age of 12 brought Segawa to a rehabilitation care unit for children with bone disabilities. He was misdiagnosed with a bone disease and doctors proceeded to perform orthopedic surgery on his knee without any clotting factor concentrates. Luckily, he survived the surgery, but his condition only worsened.

Fearing the worst, the rehabilitation centre transferred Segawa to Mulago Hospital in Kampala, where he was tested and finally received the proper diagnosis of severe hemophilia A.

With the support of the WFH, the Ugandan Haemophilia Foundation provided Segawa the factor concentrates he needed to survive. However, Segawa and his family struggle to pay to travel from his rural village to the city where the treatment is available. The situation in Uganda is challenging—but improving. With your support the WFH can help provide proper training and treatment where before there was none. Read more >


Mutala Saidy is an energetic eight-year old boy from Banjul, The Gambia. He often plays outside with his friends after school. Just a short time ago, his knee began to swell after a bleed. He was rushed to the local hospital by his father Mafaal. Diagnosed with Hemophilia A, his father believed it would only be a matter of time before his son’s condition improved. Instead, the swelling continued—as did Mutala’s pain.

The WFH does not have a presence in The Gambia and recommended that Mutala travel to Senegal for treatment. Dakar is home to one of the 31 WFH International Hemophilia Treatment Centres (IHTCs) around the world, and one of three on the African continent. There had indeed been a misdiagnosis—Mutala in fact has hemophilia B. Now with a correct diagnosis—and with donated factor on hand provided by the WFH and the treatment centre in Senegal—Mutala is back outside playing with his friends.

The WFH is making a difference in many countries, yet there are still children and parents suffering needlessly. Your support will allow us to help get patients the treatment they need, regardless of where they live. Read more >


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