2019-2023 Re-designation of International Hemophilia Training Centres (IHTCs)

International Hemophilia Training Centres (IHTCs) are defined as treatment centres that are committed to assisting other countries by providing fellowship training in bleeding disorders care in accordance with WFH priorities. The designation of IHTC status to a treatment centre mainly reflects its capability to provide international training. IHTC designation is not meant to be understood as an endorsement of the quality of a centre’s clinical services, but rather recognition that the centre is able to offer effective specialized training services. 

IHTCs are responsible for: 

  • Providing specialized training in bleeding disorders care for WFH fellows
  • Arranging logistic support for WFH fellows, including accommodation, meals and local transport
  • Completing evaluation reports on WFH fellowship trainings
  • Updating WFH Headquarters on training results and feedback
  • Monitoring standardized IHTC course content

IHTC Directors are designated from each IHTC and are responsible for its activities. They are required to authorize specialized training and logistic facilities for WFH fellows, acknowledge that they are an IHTC in their published materials and attend the annual IHTC Director meeting. 

Procedure for IHTC designation 

The final decision to accept or reject an IHTC application lies with the WFH based on the recommendations of the IHTC Committee. There are presently 31 designated IHTCs from 22 countries. 

Centres interested in becoming recognized IHTCs are required to complete the IHTC application form and send it to WFH Headquarters along with all relevant documentation on their hemophilia centre and affiliated hospital.

Applications are first reviewed by the IHTC Chair and then circulated to the IHTC Committee. Recommendations are then made to the WFH, which then makes the final decision on IHTC designation.

The IHTC designation includes 5-year renewable terms. These are systematically reviewed every 5 years to re-evaluate designated IHTC centres in relation to training needs (linguistic, work environment, cost, etc.). IHTCs must reapply for IHTC designation every 5 years. However, if there is a change in IHTC Director without a direct handover from the former to the new director, there is an automatic review of the IHTC designation. IHTC Requirements


The International Hemophilia Training Centre (IHTC) Committee will make the final review and selection of new IHTCs in November. Designated centres will be notified in December 2018

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