IEQAS Program

The International External Quality Assessment Scheme (IEQAS) improves and standardizes laboratory diagnosis by auditing the effectiveness of the internal quality assurance systems in place in order to establish a measure of a laboratory’s competence. Laboratories can participate in this program to assess their quality assurance systems and the reliability of their test results.

0 hemophilia treatment centres from 0 countries are currently registered with the IEQAS scheme. 0 new laboratories were enrolled in 2020.

The scheme is operated by the United Kingdom’s National External Quality Assessment Scheme (U.K. NEQAS) for Blood Coagulation, based in Sheffield, U.K. IEQAS has been inspected by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) Ltd and has been granted full ISO 17043 accreditation for all listed tests. For more information, consult the U.K. NEQAS website.

Registration is open to all laboratories worldwide that are involved in bleeding disorders care. The WFH offers sponsorship to some laboratories in developing countries. Participation in the program is kept strictly confidential between the laboratory and the program organizers. Sponsored laboratories are required to share their data with the WFH. Laboratories interested in joining IEQAS should contact the WFH at [email protected].

Laboratories are chosen based on their involvement in the diagnosis of hemophilia and other inherited bleeding disorders as well as on particular need. There is one main reference laboratory per country enrolled in IEQAS. In larger countries, however, several laboratories may enroll in the scheme.

Each December, the WFH IEQAS Committee considers new applications from laboratories interested in participating, and reviews laboratories already enrolled in the program who wish to continue their participation in the program. Those selected to participate for the upcoming year will be contacted by the WFH. Selected laboratories will be asked to submit a form to the WFH confirming their enrollment in the program. All new laboratories will also be asked to complete a questionnaire.

Enrollment fee

The enrollment fee is £320 per year, per centre, for the cost of three surveys.

For more information on the IEQAS Program, please refer to the Participant's Manual & General Information 2020-2021 document and please contact the WFH at [email protected].


IEQAS Participants' Manual & General Information (PDF)


The IEQAS program is supported by funding from: