VWD Initiative Program

With proper treatment, people with VWD can have much better health outcomes. However, there is a large gap in the education, recognition, and diagnosis of VWD worldwide. The WFH VWD Initiative Program seeks to improve diagnosis and clinical management of VWD, and create greater awareness of VWD in patient and medical communities.

  • Increase the number of identified and diagnosed people with VWD
  • Share knowledge and build global awareness about VWD through training, outreach, advocacy, and education
  • Improve care and treatment for VWD through training of healthcare professionals
  • Establish a global community of patients with VWD to facilitate support, communication, knowledge and experience exchange, and empowerment
  • Establish greater leadership and advocacy among medical and patient communities

The VWD Initiative Program has four components:

  1. Forums
  2. Forums can take the form of face-to-face or virtual symposiums, workshops, and trainings for lay and healthcare professionals. These are opportunities for acquiring practical skills and knowledge on the clinical management of VWD, and receiving guidance on how to conduct outreach and raise awareness of VWD. Forums offer a space to share experiences and build connections among patients with VWD, enable a better sense of community between patients with VWD and treaters, and enhance the empowerment of patients with VWD.

  3. Outreach activities
  4. The WFH has supported outreach projects for several years with the objective of identifying new patients and increasing the visibility of VWD globally. Through the VWD Initiative Program, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Serbia, and Honduras have all received support for outreach work in their countries.

  5. Education
  6. The WFH offers a series of educational resources on VWD through its eLearning platform. Visit the von Willebrand eLearning centre to learn more and find the newest VWD webinar, "WFH Global VWD Call to Action: The World's Response".

  7. Advocacy
  8. The advocacy component of the program empowers patients and patient organizations to better advocate for the improvement of VWD diagnosis, treatment, and care in their country.

The VWD Global Group is a working group the WFH created in 2017 made up of patient organizations. The group is committed to addressing the unmet needs and improving the quality of life of the global VWD community. Current member organizations are from France, Panama, Pakistan, Tunisia, Sweden, Sudan, Canada, U.K., South Africa, Latvia, Australia, U.S.A, India and Malaysia.

The Global VWD Call to Action was officially launched at the 2018 Global NMO Training. It has been unanimously approved by the WFH Board and endorsed by the WFH von Willebrand Disease and Rare Bleeding Disorders (VWD–RBD) Committee.

The Global VWD Call to Action is a call to WFH national member organizations (NMOs) to recognize VWD and break the stigma and isolation that can exist for people living with VWD. It promotes adequate care and treatment for people with VWD.

So far, 48 NMOs have signed on to the call. For more information on the Global Call to Action, please read this information sheet.

NMOs can implement several measures in order to better integrate VWD into their work and to raise awareness for the condition. For instance, they can organize a session with patients and families on what VWD is; write articles in a newsletter, blog or on social media; or liaise with a Hemophilia Treatment Centre to educate and support patients, parents and families. NMOs can also add VWD to their advocacy efforts by creating a VWD-focused committee. To learn about actions already being taken by NMOs around the globe, please read this information sheet.

  • Improve diagnosis
  • Address the misconception that VWD is not a serious disease
  • Facilitate the availability of safe, effective and easy-to-use treatments everywhere
  • Encourage greater leadership and advocacy in the medical community, the patient community
  • Establish a consensus on Standards of Care (SOC) and global guidelines (GG)
  • Request that organizations incorporate VWD into their work
  • Destigmatize the discussion of women’s health
  • Empower patients everywhere

Since signing the Global VWD Call to Action, many organizations have:

  • Changed the mission of the organization to include VWD
  • Organized a talk with patients and families on what VWD is
  • Written an article in their newsletter, blog, website, or social media pages on VWD
  • Provided orientation and accompaniment to parents on what VWD is
  • Adopted VWD as part of their organization’s mandate
  • Included VWD in their organization’s advocacy efforts
  • Review and discuss it with your Board of Directors
  • Reflect on what actions your organization can implement
  • Sign on by going to the VWD call to action form or printing the PDF and faxing it to the WFH at +1-514-875-8916

For more information about the Global VWD Call to Action or the VWD Initiative Program, contact the WFH at [email protected].

Latest VWD News

VWD Promotion Week During the World Hemophilia Day Campaign
The WFH dedicated one week to the promotion of VWD during the 2019 World Hemophilia Day Campaign. The promotion was done on social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter. A step by step approach was followed, with initial posts offering an explanation of what VWD is and final posts promoting the Global VWD Call to Action. The overall theme of the week was “Your normal is not my normal”.

Join us in the Global VWD Call to Action

Global VWD Call to Action

Join Us in the Global VWD Call to Action

Each WFH national member organization (NMO) is invited to sign onto the Call to Action to acknowledge the work that needs to be done, to make a commitment to recognizing VWD and other rare bleeding disorders by taking action to create awareness, and to offer resources and provide support to improve the lives of those living with VWD. So far, 48 NMOs have signed on to the initiative.

Step by step process of signing on to the Call to Action

  • Review and discuss it with your board of directors
  • Reflect on what actions your organization can implement
  • To sign the call, there are two options:

For more information about the Global VWD Call to Action and the WFH VWD Initiative Program please contact the WFH at [email protected].