Youth Leadership Program

The World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH) Youth Leadership Program helps foster the next generation of leaders in the bleeding disorders community to ensure that they are well prepared to take on a leadership role in the future.

The WFH Youth Leadership Program includes fellowships and scholarships, leadership and capacity building skills training, and educational resources for young members of the bleeding disorders community.

WFH Youth Fellowship Program: The WFH offers fellowships to youth involved in NMOs to participate in WFH Global NMO Training workshops, the WFH World Congress, and the Annual Meeting of the General Assembly. 

Susan Skinner Memorial Fund Scholarship (SSMF): Scholarships are awarded to young women with bleeding disorders to attend the WFH World Congress or other WFH events. Click here for more details

Twenty-four youth from around the world received Youth Fellowships in 2018 and attended the following events in Glasgow: the Global NMO Training (May 17 to 19, 2018), the WFH World Congress (May 20 to 24, 2018), and the Annual Meeting of the General Assembly (May 25, 2018). 

All NMOs were invited to submit a candidate for a fellowship. The NMO Capacity Building Committee, as well as the Youth Committee, scored the applications based on merit. Thanks to donations made by WFH staff, three additional fellowships were awarded in 2018. Furthermore, four international female fellows had the distinct honour of being named recipients of the Susan Skinner Memorial Fund Scholarship.

2018 Recipients

Global NMO Training (GNMOT): This three-day training, held every two years before the WFH World Congress for WFH NMOs, includes capacity-building sessions for patient organizations in both developed and developing countries. Youth issues, succession planning, and leadership are among the essential components of this training.  Click here for more details.

World Congress Session: A youth session is organized on the first day of the World Congress to engage and empower youth and to discuss issues that matter to them. This two and a half-hour session is open to all Congress attendees and gives them an opportunity to network and get to know young leaders in the global bleeding disorders community. The objectives of this session include the following:

  • Sharing personal and patient organization experiences on the theme of "Youth Collaboration". Young people with bleeding disorders will learn from the experiences of their peers around the world, and will have the chance to share their own thoughts and ideas about the importance of collaboration with the organizations they work with
  • Learning about the WFH Youth Leadership Program and how to navigate Congress
  • Meeting recipients of the Youth Fellowship Program

Youth leadership development workshops: Youth leadership development workshops bring youth leaders together from different areas of the world to learn more about leadership, organizational development and the importance of youth involvement in their respective communities and patient organizations. They also help participants identify the issues and challenges affecting future leaders. Youth leaders with bleeding disorders (male and female) are selected from WFH NMOs to participate in these workshops.

These interactive skills training workshops consist of a mix of presentations focused on specific priority topics adapted to the needs and realities of invited participants, experience exchanges, discussions on challenges, opportunities, and best practices. Popular education techniques such as role play and practical exercises are used for interactive learning. The objectives of these two-day workshops are to:

  • Explore practical tools for developing the innovative spirit of youth and enabling them to build support for the patient organization
  • Help youth leaders understand the importance of their contribution and commitment to their community and patient organization
  • Acquire the knowledge, ability, and skills required to design, plan, fulfil projects, develop strategies, and lead effectively
  • Share tips to empower, support, mentor, and train other youth

To date, seven youth workshops have been organized and were attended by 116 participants from 75 countries. For now, youth webnars will take place virtually. The first youth webinar took place on the 3rd September 2020 and the secon on the 26th November 2020.

For more information on the Youth Leadership program, contact the WFH at [email protected].

2016 WFH Youth Fellows


Saeed Abdul Khalek Lebanon
Yousif Abu Abdo Palestine
Faizan Baig Pakistan
Michelle Cecil
Susan Skinner Memorial Fund Scholarship
Rodrigo Nahuel Dominguez   Argentina
Jared Formalejo Philippines
Yuya Hayakawa Japan
Bharat Khadka  Nepal
Firaoli Ayele Kumbi Ethiopia
Elysee Jean-Luc Legrand Mauritius
Yikuan Liu  China
Meilín Melián Bacallao    Cuba
Ahmad Hazri Mohamed Aris  Malaysia
Joelle Palmatier
Susan Skinner Memorial Fund Scholarship 
Claudia Teresa Pena Villena
Susan Skinner Memorial Fund Scholarship 
Stefan Radovanovic Serbia
Ivan Sebest Slovak Republic
Mohamed Solima Egypt
Ashley Taylor-Fowlie
Susan Skinner Memorial Fund Scholarship
New Zealand
Luis Ramon Ureña Correa Dominican Republic
Vishal Venkatesh India

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2018 Awarded Youth Fellowship Recipients


  Bangladesh Md. Amir Hamza
  Bolivia José Luis Quino Caballero
  Brazil David Braun
  Canada Bojan Pirnat
  El Salvador Jonathan Moisés Hernández
  Finland Laura Kuusiniemi
  Ghana Michael Attivor
  Kenya Odera Carlos Maube
  Kyrgyzstan Ilsat Gapparov
SSMF international Lebanon Rana Mahmoud
  Lesotho Retselisitsoe Mahlaha
  Mali Douda Malle (Selected but visa declined)
  Mauritius Jodarsen Pillay Arnachellum
  Myanmar Phyo Khant Kyaw
  Nicaragua Engel Josué Gómez Mejía
  Pakistan Faizan Baig
  Panama Jorge Antonio Rodríguez Abrego
  Togo Kodjo Djidjogbe Agbodo
SSMF international Tunisia Najiba Chayah
SSMF international United States Marlee Whetten
SSMF USA United States Nikole Scappe
SSMF USA United States Shantelle Winslow
SSMF international Uruguay Amanda Brito del Pino Mouro
  Vietnam Chan Phi Quoc