The WFH Gene Therapy Round Table Series

The WFH Gene Therapy Round Table (GTRT) series began in 2018. Bringing together WFH national member organizations (NMOs), patient advocates, health care professionals, regulators and industry representatives, this annual multi-stakeholder meeting offers an up-to-date dialogue on current global developments and the expected challenges related to gene therapy for hemophilia. The 3rd WFH GTRT took place virtually in September 2020.


This is an invitation only meeting. Approximately 60 participants are invited annually from the international bleeding disorders community, including key scientific experts, regulators, payors, patient leaders and advocates, health care professionals, scientists, and industry representatives.


The objectives of this series are to better understand the challenges related to the development of gene therapy for people with hemophilia around the world. Key challenges and discussions centre around global access to gene therapy, regulatory and financial challenges, the unknowns of gene therapy and long-term follow-up of safety and efficacy. Multi-stakeholder and global perspectives are also considered.

The reports from the WFH GTRT have been published, and previous programs are also available.

Gene Therapy Round Table Program Committee

Glenn Pierce, U.S.A.
John Pasi, U.K.

A revolving committee of approximately eight health care professionals, and people with a bleeding disorder and/or caregiver make up the program committee.