Treatment Safety and Supply

International Collaboration — The WFH works in close cooperation with government agencies, industry, clinicians, and patient groups to achieve the quality and desired quantity of treatment products.

These critical issues remain a central theme of our work, and we continue to foster debate and dialogue on them. We also closely monitor and promote scientific and technological developments that can lead to safer, more efficacious treatment or a cure.

Panel Discussion: Expanding Access to Hemophilia Treatment Products, what will be the game changer? 
While the World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH) vision is “Treatment for All,” the majority of the world’s population has little to no access to hemophilia care. Patient advocates and WFH Humanitarian Aid and Public Policy representatives debate what might be the game changer in improving access to clotting factor products beyond its current limitations.

Panel: Brian O’Mahony, Mark Brooker, Assad Haffar, Albert Farrugia, chaired by David Page.

The opinions expressed in this video are those of the individual panelists and not the official position of the World Federation of Hemophilia.