Country: Egypt
City: Cairo

Shabrawishi Hospital, Egyptian Society of Hemophilia, and Cairo University

Finni Square, Dokki
Cairo, Egypt
Tel.: 00202 33384684
Fax: (00202) 33377578

Director: Dr. Magdy El Ekiaby
Medical Associates: George Gorgy, Hany El Sayed, Adly Sabour
Fellowship logistics coordinator: Rasha Ragaeei (Administrative Manager), Tel: (00202) 33377593 / 33377594/ 33377587
Year of IHTC designation: 2015

Areas of specialty: Adult and pediatric hematology; Laboratory Diagnosis and hemostasis; Nursing; Molecular genetics; Blood banking; Physiotherapy.


Location: The Shabrawishi Hospital and Cairo University are both located in Giza, a few kilometers from Cairo
Climate: Cairo has an arid, desert climate which means that the day time temperatures are always warm and the nights are cool. There is very little difference in the weather between the seasons save for a change in the day time temperature.
Accommodation: Reasonable flats and hotels in the vicinity.
Language: English and Arabic


Clinical activities: We as Egyptian Society of Hemophilia, Shabrawishi Hospital HTC and Faculty of Physical Therapy, Cairo University work as one team regarding 1) Management of PWH & HBD, providing continuous education for PWH & HBD & HCPs, advocating for them with health authorities and society at large and 2) Advanced Blood transfusion center in Shabrawishi Hospital accredited for training from American Society of Clinical Pathology & American University in Cairo. The training includes lectures, multi-disciplinary clinical rounds, out-patient clinics, laboratory training and physiotherapy training, surgical prophylaxis and regular prophylaxis.

Laboratory activities/research: We participate in the WFH International Quality Assessment scheme (IEQAS) based in Sheffield. Routine hemostatic tests include assay of clotting factors, inhibitors, vWF antigen, ristocetin cofactor, platelet aggregation, VKA and Heparin therapy. Manual techniques and automated instruments are used.

Multidisciplinary activities/research: We have an orthopaedic program and patients dropping in with acute problems all the time. Staff include: 2 residents, 7 nurses, 2 laboratory scientists, 1 data manager, 1 orthopedist, 1 dentist, 1 physiotherapist. Most children come to the center for prophylaxis treatment; the center has excellent records of the treatment and bleeding of the children

Updated September 2015