Country: Senegal
City: Dakar

IHTC: Centre International de Traitement de l'Hémophilie (CITH) de Dakar
Centre National de Transfusion Sanguine (CNTS)
5002 Dakar Fann
Dakar, Senegal
Tel.: +221 33 869-8660
Fax: +221 33 824-9530

Director: Prof. Saliou Diop
Medical Associates: Dr Diariatou Sy Bah; Dr Moussa Seck; Dr Blaise Felix Faye; Dr Youssou Bamar Guèye
Fellowship logistics coordinator: Nata Dieng Ndiaye; Sokhna Aissatou Touré

Year of IHTC designation: 2016

Areas of specialty: Adult and pediatric hematology; Laboratory Diagnosis and hemostasis; Nursing;  Blood banking; Physiotherapy.


Location: Centre International de Traitement de l'Hémophilie (CITH) is located in the Centre National de Transfusion Sanguine, a government institution that is also affiliated with the Dakar University.

Climate: Dakar has a hot semi-arid climate with a short rainy season and a lengthy dry season.

Accommodation: Reasonable flats and hotels in the vicinity.

Language: English and French


Clinical activities: The training provided in our center will focus on the general management of Hemophilia as we have a cohort of 185 patients, and we see at least 30 patients each month both in outpatient and inpatient field. We also offer many activities in relation with blood transfusion and hemostasis laboratory activities. Trainees will attend various clinics (adult, pediatric, hemostasis, etc.) and learn about identification/confirmation and treatment of bleeding disorder, etc. They will also assist with the activities of the Senegalese Hemophilia Association, which has an office in our centre.

Laboratory activities/research: We participate in the WFH International Quality Assessment scheme (IEQAS) based in Sheffield. Routine hemostatic tests include assay of clotting factors, screening for inhibitors, PS, PC and Lupus anticoagulant, DNA extraction, etc. Manual techniques and automated instruments are used.

Multidisciplinary activities/research: We also have in our center social workers with experience in dealing with hemophilia patients, trained nurses for the treatment of hemophilia patients. Our center is also located 300 meters to the National Center of Orthopedic and Physiotherapy and our patients are referred to this center for care. We also have close relation with dental department and there's a dedicated dental surgeon to whom we refer our patients if required. Staff include: 5 doctors, 7 nurses, 4 social workers, and 6 laboratory personnel.

Updated May 2016