WFH statements, advisories, and letters


WFH releases statement on orphan medicine status for hemophilia treatment products 
July 2012 – 
The WFH has communicated to the US Food and Drug Administration and the European Medicines Agency its position on orphan medicine status for hemophilia treatment products. The WFH recommends that orphan drug designation should not be used to hinder, for the same condition or indication, the development, licensing and marketing of other products that are demonstrably different. WFH Statement

The World Federation of Hemophilia Product Selection Statement 
February 2012 – The WFH BPSSA and Executive Committee revised and updated this statement in February 2012. It is intended for Ministries of Health and regulatory agencies involved in the selection of treatment products for bleeding disorders. WFH Statement

Resolution of the World Federation of Hemophilia General Assembly on the Supply of Safe High-Quality Clotting Factor Concentrates 

July 15, 2010 – Our national member organizations passed the following resolution on the supply of safe high-quality clotting factor concentrates at the World Federation of Hemophilia General Assembly.

Summary of the Resolution 
WFH resolution on the Supply of Safe High-Quality Clotting Factor Concentrates

WFH Statement to the World Health Assembly concerning Resolution EB126.R14, Availability, safety and quality of blood products
June 2010 –
The WFH supports Resolution EB126.R14. We welcome the call to member states to accelerate development of national blood collection programmes. We are well aware of the risks from blood-borne pathogens. In the 1970s and 80s thousands in our community were infected with HBV, HCV and HIV through blood products. In many countries, our members continue to be infected by blood-borne pathogens through the transfusion of labile components. WFH Statement 

Media Advisory regarding the MSM Blood Donor Deferral Policy
June 2010 –
The Department of Health & Human Services, Advisory Committee on Blood Safety and Availability will be reviewing the current Food and Drug Administration (FDA) policy recommending that men who have sex with another man (MSM) even one time since 1977 should be deferred indefinitely from donating blood. Media Advisory 

World Federation of Hemophilia Medical Advisory Board Advisory on herbal/homeopathic products marketed to treat von Willebrand disease
June 2008 –
The Medical Advisory Board of the World Federation of Hemophilia advises against the use of two products, Wilbrintin and Willetab, that are being advertised for sale through the internet with the claim of being effective in the treatment of von Willebrand disease. WFH Advisory

February 2008 – WFH letter to the European Commission concerning a letter from the International Federation of Blood Donors Organizations (IFBDO), titled "Sufficiency of supply of blood and blood products within the European Union."

WFH statement on blood donor deferrals (2007)
WFH vCJD statements (2006)
Statement on expiry dates (March 2003)
WFH resolution on hepatitis C virus compensation (May 2002)

This material is provided for general information purposes only. The WFH does not engage in the practice of medicine and does not give medical advice. Under no circumstances does the WFH recommend particular treatment for specific individuals. For medical diagnosis or treatment, the WFH recommends that individuals consult their physician or local hemophilia treatment centre. 

Updated December 2015