WFH WBDR Research Support Program - Conditions

  • Application forms are available in English, French, Spanish, and Russian.

  • Applicants are responsible for determining if their research project requires ethics approval and following the appropriate guidelines from their national/institutional Research Ethics Board. Please note that HTCs participating in the WBDR must first obtain ethics approval from their local institution or Ministry of Health in order to enter patient data into the WBDR database. With the exception of fees required by your research ethics board, funds will not be released before ethical approval to participate in the WBDR is obtained.

  • Applicants are responsible for ensuring that they can receive funds from the WFH, according to their country and HTCs laws and regulations. HTCs that are not able to receive funds through the usual means, will not be considered for funding.

  • The funds must contribute towards the direct costs of the research program or project for which the funds were awarded. This can include any part of the WBDR approval process or data management process: obtaining ethics approval, collecting data, entering the data in the WBDR, cleaning the data, analyzing the data or writing up the report. Additionally, this can include staff, materials, internet access, and supplies. This does not include: investigator or clinical staff salaries, travel expenses, or clinic reimbursements. Any overhead costs should be included in your project budget.

  • The WBDR Research Support Committee reserves the right to modify the budget and award an amount that is deemed acceptable.

  • The HTC must commit to inviting all their patients with hemophilia in the WBDR (as is the case for any HTC participating in the WBDR) and to ensuring their data is clean and high quality. Data quality is assessed by the WFH on an ongoing basis.

  • Two-year funding will be disbursed in two annual payments and will be sent to the financial officer of the host institution.

  • Applications that receive funds must acknowledge the support of the WFH WBDR Research Support Program in all publications and oral presentations relating to the funded research.

  • To ensure continued funding for the second year, a short progress report is required. A final report is required upon completion of the research project. Financial reporting must be included in the progress and final reports.

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WFH WBDR Research Support Program

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Updated April 2019