Country programs

The country program work of the World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH) is carried out within the framework of its comprehensive development model. Country programs strategically target two to three of the six key areas outlined in this model and provide these areas with in-depth support:

Government support 

Actively involving the government in allocating resources for hemophilia care

Care delivery 

Supporting the structure that provides hemophilia services in a country through a network of hemophilia treatment centres 

Medical expertise and laboratory diagnosis 

Ensuring medical professionals are well trained, and patients are accurately diagnosed 

Treatment products 

Helping to enhance the supply of safe treatment products 

Patient organization 

Providing coaching on effective management, public relations skills, fundraising, advocacy, and patient education 

Data Collection & Outcomes Research

Helping to gather evidence needed to make the case for better care

Duration, phases, selection criteria
Current country programs

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Updated March 2013