IHTC Program overview

The International Hemophilia Treatment Centre (IHTC) Program offers fellows a unique opportunity to learn about hemophilia diagnosis and management from designated bleeding disorders specialists. Fellows are assigned to one of the designated IHTCs of the World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH) where they undergo four to six-week training. When assigning fellows to a centre, WFH takes into consideration the fellow’s preferred training centre, technical specialties and training needs, languages, capabilities, and travel distances.

The IHTC Program provides for the travel and accommodations of its fellows for the duration of their training (salary compensation is not included). The program covers the economy airfare of fellows from their home town to their training centre. In addition, it provides a grant to the host IHTC, which manages the logistical support, accommodations, and meals for fellows. The training is given by volunteers at the IHTCs. No remuneration is given to the IHTC or to the healthcare professionals who provide the training.

At the end of the training period, both the host IHTC and the fellow report back to the WFH on the training that was provided. The IHTC completes a fellowship evaluation form. The fellow submits both a completed logbook and a training report form, which includes descriptions of all aspects of the training received. Once the WFH has received all three forms it sends an official IHTC training certificate to the fellow.


Updated May 2012

The IHTC Fellowship program is supported by exclusive funding from: