National and regional National Member Organization (NMO) training

The World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH) organizes regular training and capacity-building workshops at national and regional levels to strengthen the knowledge and skills of NMOs and to help them improve their internal structures as well as their external activities and relations. These workshops are designed around the needs of NMOs and address a range of areas, including but not limited to:

  • Governance
  • Strategic and long-term planning
  • Fundraising
  • Volunteer recruitment
  • Board development
  • Educational programming
  • Media relations
  • Advocacy and lobbying
  • Patient outreach
  • Evaluating and selecting treatment products
  • Tenders and product purchase
  • Pharmaceutical relations
  • Patient representation
  • Conflict resolution
  • Event planning
  • Communications strategies and tools
  • Youth issues

Global National Member Organization (NMO) training

Glasgow, Scotland
May 17–19, 2018

Preparations are underway for the 2018 Global NMO Training which will be held from May 17 to 19 in Glasgow, Scotland. This important event precedes the WFH World Congress and is an opportunity for one representative from each NMO to participate in topical plenary and workshop trainings with their peers from around the world. The program will cover many topics of interest to NMOs. Plenary sessions will highlight best practices by NMOs, novel therapies in bleeding disorders, the WFH World Bleeding Disorder Registry (WBDR) and how it benefits patients, and news from the WFH.

Interactive workshops by international experts will focus on such topics as: fundraising, VWD, building relationships/ alliances with different stakeholders, and volunteer development In addition to the training aspect of the event, there is also an important networking aspect that cannot be overlooked. The training sessions tend to be with smaller groups, which means that attendees have a chance to make friends and “break the ice” before the WFH World Congress starts. The 2018 event is a very special one, because it will be the 10th Global NMO Training hosted by the WFH.

Draft Program at a Glance
Hemophilia World News article 

WFH Global NMO Training
July 21-23, 2016

In July 2016, the WFH was pleased to welcome 113 participants from 92 countries to the 2016 Global NMO Training. Nineteen of the participants were dynamic youth fellows selected from an international competition. Plenary sessions showcased a panel of NMO members with diverse experiences, an in-depth background on hemophilia treatment products and news from the WFH. Interactive workshops walked participants through the development of hemophilia care, strategic planning, and the implementation of projects and outreach initiatives. The WFH collaborated with the National Hemophilia Foundation of the USA on the opening plenary as well as a joint workshop on volunteer development.

2016 Program at a Glance
2016 Global NMO Training Program

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WFH Global NMO Training
May 8-10, 2014

The WFH hosted 101 delegates from 80 countries at the 2014 Global NMO Training in Creswick, Australia. A record number of youth fellows, 18, participated in the event. Interactive workshops by international experts were presented on such topics as: psychosocial support, pharmaceutical funding, data and the economics of bleeding disorder care and youth leadership training. Plenary sessions highlighted best practices by NMOs, women with bleeding disorders and clinical research in hemophilia.   

2014 Global NMO Training program

National Member Organizations: Click here to access the presentations from all the plenary sessions and workshops (must be logged in to the website).

WFH Global NMO Training
July 5-7, 2012

Over 100 participants from 85 countries attended the WFH Global Training for National Member Organizations, held in Marne-la-Vallée, France, from July 5-7, including 15 youth delegates funded by WFH fellowships and 2 recipients of Susan Skinner Memorial Fund scholarships. The training sessions aimed to help patient leaders expand their skills and knowledge through a mix of workshops and presentations on such topics as clinical research, fundraising, organizational assessment, conflict management, and advocacy skills.

2012 Global NMO session presentations
2012 Global NMO Training program 

WFH Global NMO Training
July 7-9, 2010

The 2010 Global NMO Training held in Pilar, Argentina was attended by 102 individuals from 86 countries. The program included sessions on clinical research, online communications strategies, conflict resolution, organizing events, cooperation with local organizations, and a discussion of the challenges and opportunities of the WFH twinning program. There was also a youth session in which participants explored themes concerning their age group and engaging and preparing future leaders for the bleeding disorders community.

2010 Global NMO Training program

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