Accreditation program

What are NMOs?

National member organizations (NMOs) of the WFH are national hemophilia organizations that represent the interests of people with hemophilia in their country. They are generally organizations consisting primarily of people with hemophilia and their families. The organizations are self-governed, guided by a constitution, and in many cases, registered by the government of their country.

During the 2016 WFH General Assembly, members voted to accept Suriname and Japan as full member organizations of the WFH.

Six national organizations from Burkina Faso, El Salvador, Madagascar, Malawi, Myanmar and Namibia were voted in as associate member organizations.

To date, the WFH is composed of members from 140 countries worldwide.

The Accreditation program is the official vehicle by which newly established hemophilia patient associations are guided through the process of becoming national member organizations (NMOs) of the World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH). In order to be accredited by the WFH, the patient association must represent the best interests of the majority of people with hemophilia and other bleeding disorders and their families in a country. Only one patient association may represent a country as an NMO of the WFH.

The Accreditation program also oversees the status of NMOs, making sure that the goals and aims of the organizations are not in conflict with those of the WFH.

Hemophilia patient groups that wish to become NMOs are invited to contact their regional program manager at the WFH.

Regional program managers provide coaching and guidance on how to strengthen the patient organization and share NMO accreditation packages and questionnaires.

Regional program managers and/or WFH volunteers carry out assessment visits to review the representation and involvement of members of the patient organization, and report back to the WFH Accreditation Committee.

The WFH Accreditation Committee determines if the organization is eligible for accreditation and recommends the application for approval as a full or associate member.

Delegate members of the WFH vote to approve the application during the General Assembly which is held every two years. Associate NMO delegates can attend the General Assembly as observers.

Benefits and duties
Full and Associate NMO benefits include:

  • Access to publications, from statistics to fact sheets, safety and supply updates
  • Access to the NMO Information Exchange site
  • Participation in WFH congresses
  • Participation in NMO skills training workshops
  • General access to WFH healthcare programs (GAP, Country Programs, International Hemophilia Treatment Centre fellowships, organization and centre Twinning partnerships, multidisciplinary workshops, and Humanitarian Aid donations)
  • Moreover, the full NMO has the possibility to exercise the right to vote at the General Assembly. Associate members may observe the General Assembly.

Criteria for Accreditation as WFH National Member Organization or Associate National Member Organization (Appendix 1 extracted from the WFH By-laws Constitution)
Guidelines for accreditation as a national hemophilia member organization of the WFH
Global Treatment Centre Directory

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Updated June 2018