Bad Blood: Tragedy of HIV/AIDS and hepatitis in the bleeding disorders community

In the 1970s and 1980s, thousands of people with hemophilia around the world were infected with HIV and hepatitis C by the treatment products intended to help them. Out of this tragedy, a new era of safe and effective treatment products emerged, but the risk remains for known and unknown potentially infectious agents to threaten the blood supply again.

The film “Bad Blood: A Cautionary Tale”, documents these events in the U.S.A. It serves as an important reminder of what can happen if we take for granted the care we receive or the medications on which we rely, if we fail to be vigilant and participate when decisions are being made about our treatment and care. See the WFH statement (PDF) and the following video on the importance of this film.

See also:

The "Bad Blood" press release (PDF) on the screening of this new documentary.

The tragic history of AIDS in the hemophilia population, 1982–1984 (PDF), by Dr Bruce Evatt, also recounts these events.

Updated May 2012