Hemophilia Daily

Hemophilia Daily is the daily journal of the WFH 2012 World Congress, held in Paris, France, from July 8–12, 2012.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

WFH thanks outgoing Executive Committee members
Mark W. Skinner will be stepping down after eight years as president after the 2012 World Congress, and Rob Christie and Prof. Alison Street will complete their terms as VP finance and VP medical, respectively. Learn more about what they’ve done to help advance Treatment for All during their tenure.

Research program new frontier for the WFH
There is urgent need for research in hemophilia and other inherited bleeding disorders, which is hindered by small patient population and the need for international collaboration. Dr. David Lillicrap, chair of the WFH’s Research Committee, answers questions about the new WFH research program and how it will address these challenges.

Evolution in treatment products to test international standards
International standards are critical for accurate diagnosis of bleeding disorders, measuring post-infusion recovery, and potency labelling of treatment products – a process which will be challenged in the near future with the advent of new therapeutic options.

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