WFH WBDR Research Support Program

The World Bleeding Disorders Registry (WBDR) Research Support Program is designed to motivate and support hemophilia treatment centres (HTC) to collect, analyze and use their WBDR data. The goal is to encourage countries with limited data collection experience, to participate in the WBDR and to use their data for research or advocacy.

Research proposal submission opens June 1st
Research proposal submission deadline September 1st (5pm EST)
Review and selection of research projects October / November
Announcement of recipients November


The WFH WBDR Research Support Program will fund up to 15 projects per year.


  • $2,000 - $5,000 USD per project
  • Project duration can be one or two years


The program is open to recognized HTCs*, from all countries, who are registered in the WBDR**.

*The applicant must be the HTC Director or the primary contact person for the WBDR. Only one application per HTC is accepted, per cycle.
**HTC that has completed a WBDR registration form and is either applying for WBDR approval from their institutional review board or ethics committee or has received ethical approval.

All HTCs are welcome to submit a research proposal. Priority may be given to HTCs with limited data collection experience in their country and/or low and middle-income countries.

Selection criteria

WFH WBDR research support will be awarded to projects that best align with the following criteria:

  • Novelty of the research objectives
  • Importance of the research to influence policy or build evidence-based advocacy
  • Demonstrating the value of data collection
  • Needs of the country; limited data collection activities
  • Sustainability plan
  • Feasibility of completing the research within proposed timeframe and budget

Collaboration is recommended and HTCs within a country are encouraged to apply as a group. The WFH Medical Advisory Board and the WFH WBDR Steering Committee have identified collaboration opportunities.

  • Country-level, collaboration between all HTCs in a country
  • International research partnerships, comparative analysis between HTCs

Please note that this list is intended to provide guidance on the type of collaboration that might be possible. Collaboration is not a submission requirement.

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Application process and deadlines

Updated July 2018