Corporate Relations Policy

Our corporate funding comes largely from companies who produce medicines and other medical products to treat people with hemophilia. The support of these corporate partners has contributed significantly to our ability to advance hemophilia care globally. Our corporate partners demonstrate their commitment to the WFH and the work we do through its investment in and support of our organization.

As with all of our partnerships, the primary focus is on introducing and improving the lives of people with hemophilia. By combining the knowledge and unique expertise of the WFH along with manufacturers resources and advanced technology we both benefit, but most importantly, patients and their families benefit through improved services that help meet their needs and advance the state of care.

However, the WFH will never compromise its independence or engage in a corporate relationship that will affect the organization’s credibility or integrity. WFH will not endorse any product for financial gain and/or as part of any corporate relationship.

To ensure fairness and transparency in its relationship with industry, the WFH has developed a corporate relations policy. Click here to view this policy.


Updated May 2012