International Hemophilia Training Centre (IHTC) Committee 2018-2020

The aim of the International Hemophilia Training Centre program is to give healthcare professionals from developing countries training in the diagnosis and management of hemophilia and related bleeding disorders.

Miguel Escobar (U.S.A.)

Glenn Pierce (U.S.A.)
VP Medical

Daniela Neme (Argentina)
IHTC Director

Johnny Mahlangu (South Africa)
IHTC Director

Huyen Tran (Australia)
IHTC Director

Greig Blamey (Canada)
Musculoskeletal Committee Chair

Steve Kitchen (U.K.)
Laboratory Committee Chair

Kate Khair (U.K.)
Nurses Committee Chair

Graeme Ting (New Zealand)
Dental Committee Chair

International Hemophilia Training Centre program

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Updated November 2018