WFH Medical Advisory Board

The Medical Advisory Board (MAB) is responsible for recommending policy on specific medical and clinical issues to the Board of Directors of the World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH). Members include all medical members of the WFH Board of Directors, and the chairs of the Coagulation Products Safety, Supply and Access (CPSSA), Data and Demographics, World Bleeding Disorders Registry (WBDR), Dental, Education, Laboratory Sciences, Musculoskeletal, Nurses and Psychosocial committees.

Under the direction of the Vice-President Medical, the MAB:

  • Provides oversight, advice, and expertise regarding key medical and clinical issues;
  • Promotes new developments in treatment, care, and medical research on a global level;
  • Advises on policy, guidelines, and position statements on particular aspects of treatment of bleeding disorders; and
  • Ensures coordination and information sharing on all medical activities of the WFH.

Medical Advisory Board members 2018-2020

Glenn Pierce
MAB chair
Vice President Medical

Ampaiwan Chuansumrit
WFH Medical Board of Director

Saliou Diop
WFH Medical Board of Director

Magdy El Ekiaby
WFH Medical Board of Director

Cedric Hermans
WFH Medical Board of Director
Barbara Konkle
WFH Medical Board of Director
WBDR Steering Committee co-chair

Alain Weill
President (ex officio)
Radoslaw Kaczmarek
CPSSA Committee chair

Jeff Stonebraker
Data and Demographics Committee chair

Graeme Ting
Dental Committee chair

Vincent Dumez
Education Committee co-chair

Steven Kitchen
Laboratory Committee chair

Greig Blamey
Musculoskeletal Committee chair
Kate Khair
Nurses Committee chair

Ed Kuebler
Psychosocial Committee chair

Alfonso Iorio
WBDR Steering Committee co-chair

Steve Pipe 

Flora Peyvandi
EHC MAG Liaison