Coagulation Products Safety, Supply and Access (CPSSA) Committee 2018-2020

The WFH Coagulation Product Safety, Supply, and Access (CPSSA) Committee oversees all WFH activities related to safety and supply issues. It is chaired by Radoslaw Kaczmarek, and includes patients, clinicians, and regulators.

Radoslaw Kaczmarek

Mark Skinner
Thomas Sannié
Marion Koerper
Alok Srivastava
Anneliese Hilger
Magdy El Ekiaby
Mike Makris
Dan Hart
David Page
Brian O'Mahony
Flora Peyvandi
Craig Upshaw
Uwe Schlenkrich
Alain Weill (President – ex officio)
Glenn Pierce (VP Medical – ex officio)

For more information on the CPSSA Committee, contact us at

Updated November 2018