WFH Musculoskeletal Committee

In 1981, a group of interested orthopaedic surgeons created the Musculoskeletal Committee of the World Federation of Hemophilia, and it has attracted members from all over the world. It has attracted to its membership specialists in rehabilitation medicine, rheumatology and physiotherapy.

The group meets annually. Every two years, we meet as an individual group at the Musculoskeletal Congress, and in between, we convene at the biennial International Congress of the World Federation of Hemophilia. The role of the group is to educate, exchange experiences in treatment, and promote research and training in the methods of managing the musculoskeletal complications of hemophilia. As well as attending scientific meetings, members of the group visit developing countries to provide individual help, teaching and training to colleagues, patients and their families. Summer camps are organised by the members for patients. Original research and review articles are frequently published by members of the group in scientific journals such as Haemophilia.

Membership is open to any health care professional with an interest in the musculoskeletal management of hemophilic patients. Membership carries with it a number of advantages, including:

  • Invitations to annual meetings of the Musculoskeletal Committee.
  • Regular News Bulletins.
  • Reduced Registration fees at meetings of W.F.H.
  • Potential for involvement in multi-centre research projects.

MSK Committee members 2018-2020 


Greig Blamey (Canada)

Committee members will be added once they have been approved. 

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Updated July 2018