WFH Psychosocial Committee


The vision of the WFH Psychosocial Committee is to improve quality of care for people with bleeding disorders and to increase their quality of life by making psychosocial care an integral part of a multi-disciplinary approach to healthcare.


  • Raise awareness of psychosocial issues that affect people with bleeding disorders and their families
  • Advocate globally for comprehensive care
  • Ensure psychosocial participation in multidisciplinary hemophilia care teams
  • Provide support, information, and contacts for psychosocial workers


  • Create network of psychosocial workers
  • Build database of relevant literature for psychosocial workers
  • Implement psychosocial database online
  • Gather and disseminate information of ongoing studies
  • Produce literature & encourage research on psychosocial aspects
  • Provide input at conferences
  • Develop psychosocial programs
  • Provide support in hemophilia care

Psychosocial Committee Members 2018-2020


Edward Kuebler (USA)

Committee members will be added once they have been approved.

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Updated July 2018