WFH Laboratory Sciences Committee

Aim: To raise the awareness and standards of diagnosis of hemophilia, and other inherited bleeding disorders.

Building on the developments in Laboratory Science, the WFH is now focusing on laboratory diagnosis in a manner not afforded before now. Members are elected by the committee after having submitted a CV to the committee chair for review. The role of this committee includes:

  • Provides expertise and advice to the WFH executive.
  • Assists hemophilia training centres to standardize their basic coagulation tests for hemophilia, von Willebrand disease and other inherited bleeding disorders.
  • Identifies laboratory technologists training priorities, facilities, techniques, and written materials for the many laboratory personnel who require training in hemophilia related basic coagulation tests.
  • Provides advice and guidance to laboratory personnel.
  • Encourages within country training centres for laboratories.
  • Encourages use of WHO Coagulation Standards and participation in an External Quality Assessment scheme.
  • Conducts laboratory workshops.

Laboratory scientists and technicians
Científicos y técnicos de laboratorio
Scientifiques et techniciens de laboratoire

For more information on the Laboratory Sciences Committee, contact Thalia De Anda at

Laboratory Sciences Committee Members 2018-2020


Steve Kitchen ((United Kingdom) 

Committee members will be added once they have been approved.

Updated July 2018