WFH Laboratory Sciences Committee

Aim: To raise the awareness and standards of diagnosis of hemophilia, and other inherited bleeding disorders.

Building on the developments in Laboratory Science, the WFH is now focusing on laboratory diagnosis in a manner not afforded before now. Members are elected by the committee after having submitted a CV to the committee chair for review. The role of this committee includes:

  • Provides expertise and advice to the WFH executive.
  • Assists hemophilia training centres to standardize their basic coagulation tests for hemophilia, von Willebrand disease and other inherited bleeding disorders.
  • Identifies laboratory technologists training priorities, facilities, techniques, and written materials for the many laboratory personnel who require training in hemophilia related basic coagulation tests.
  • Provides advice and guidance to laboratory personnel.
  • Encourages within country training centres for laboratories.
  • Encourages use of WHO Coagulation Standards and participation in an External Quality Assessment scheme.
  • Conducts laboratory workshops.

Laboratory scientists and technicians
Científicos y técnicos de laboratorio
Scientifiques et techniciens de laboratoire

For more information on the Laboratory Sciences Committee, contact Thalia De Anda at

Laboratory Sciences Committee Members 2016-2018


Steve Kitchen ((United Kingdom)

Vice Chair

Pierre Toulon (France) 


Anne Goodeve (United Kingdom)

Sukesh Nair (India) 

Rasheed Nasr (Qatar)

Claude Tayou (Cameroon)

Silmara Montalvao (Brazil)

Francesca Stufano (Italy)

Carlos de Brasi (Argentina)

Dong Chen (USA)

Updated March 2017