Twins of the Year Awards

The Twins of the Year Awards are given out annually to the hemophilia organizations or treatment centres that best showcase the philosophy of the Twinning Program. The program pairs hemophilia organizations and treatment centres in developing and developed countries to encourage the transfer of skills, knowledge and information.


  • Demonstrated high level of commitment to the partnership
  • Excellent communication between partners
  • Teamwork demonstrated through all endeavours
  • Achieved objectives that were set for the year
  • High level of activity
  • Level of complexity/challenge of activities
  • Reporting is complete and submitted on time
  • Have not previously won Twins of the Year Award


Selection is made by the hemophilia organization (HOT) and treatment centre (HTC) Twinning Committees. The plaques are presented to the recipients during the WFH World Congress, which takes place every two years.

2015 HTC Twins of the Year 

Varna (Bulgaria) – Bonn (Germany)

2015 HOT Twins of the Year

Bangladesh – Canada

Twins of the Year past recipients

Hemophilia Treatment Centre Twins of the Year - past recipients 
Hemophilia Organization Twins of the Year - past recipients

Twins of the Year posters

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Updated October 2016

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