The WFH Recognizes Outstanding Volunteers

WFH 2008 World Congress

Delegates joined the WFH in recognizing the outstanding leadership provided by our volunteers to further our mission and goals. Awards were presented at the World Hemophilia Congress during the awards ceremony on June 5, 2008.

Gordon Clarke, Mark Skinner, Jean-Michel Bouchez, winner of the International Frank Schnabel Volunteer Award, and winning twins from France and Syria are all smiles.

Jean-Michel Bouchez
, general secretary of the French Association of Hemophilia was awarded with the International Frank Schnabel Volunteer Award. Named in memory of the WFH founder, it recognizes an individual or a family member of a person with hemophilia, who has significantly furthered the mission and goals of the WFH.  Bouchez has devoted himself to establishing assistance programs for people with hemophilia in developing countries after the loss of his two sons, both of whom had hemophilia. He was instrumental in launching a twinning partnership between the treatment centre in Brest and the Mahosot Hospital in Laos to set up a diagnostic program.

WFH president Mark Skinner
with Man-Chiu Poon

Dr. Man-Chiu Poon received the International Healthcare Volunteer Award. This prestigious award is presented to a volunteer healthcare professional who has contributed considerably to furthering the mission and goals of the WFH. Dr. Poon, a hematologist, has devoted enormous time and energy over the last 15 years to improving hemophilia care and quality of life of patients in China. He has helped establish centre twin programs and most notably Dr. Poon took a year-long sabbatical where he offered his time in China, working with patients and doctors. Thanks to his work and dedication, China is entering into the WFH Global Alliance for Progress (GAP) program.

WFH VP Medical Alison Street, Steve Kitchen, and Maria Fe Kretz from Octapharma

Dr. Steven Kitchen was awarded the Inga Marie Nilsson Award. Sponsored by Octapharma, this award is named after a prominent Swedish hematologist.  Dr. Kitchen is involved in different laboratory coagulation training workshops organized by the WFH, has coauthored the WFH Laboratory Manual, and is the new chair of the Laboratory Sciences committee.

Dr. Fernández Palazzi was the winner of the Pietrogrande Prize. Named for Dr. Vicenzo Pietrogrande, orthopedic surgeon and first chairman of the Musculoskeletal Committee, this prize recognizes a healthcare professional who has notably contributed to furthering the mission and goals of the Musculoskeletal Committee of the WFH. As a founding member of the Musculoskeletal Committee of the WFH, Dr. Palazzi has worked tirelessly and creatively to deliver orthopedic care to people with hemophilia where factor replacement has been scarce.

Jose Alberto Tlacuilo-Parra of Guadalajara, Mexico was recognized with the HenriHoroszowski Memorial Awardfor his paper “Bone Turnover Markers and Bone Mineral Density in Children with Hemophilia”. The scientific honour is awarded by a panel for the best musculoskeletal paper presented at Congress.

The Twin-of-the-Year Awards are given annually by the WFH to recognize the most exceptional organization and treatment centre twinning partnerships. Sponsored by Wyeth, this program pairs hemophilia organizations or medical centres in developing and developed countries to encourage the transfer of skills, resources, and information.

Jennifer Jiang from Wyeth presents the Organization Twin Awards to Hemophilia of Georgia and Sociedad Hondureña de Hemofilia

There were two sets of Treatment Centre Twins Awards for 2007: Damascus University Blood Bank, Syria and Hôpital Saint- Eloi, Montpellier, France, and Mahosot Hospital, Vientiane, Laos, and Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Brest, France.  The Organization Twin Awards for 2007 went to: Sociedad Hondureña de Hemofilia, Honduras, and Hemophilia of Georgia, Inc., U.S.A.

The Treatment Centre Twin Awards for 2006 went to: Hospital dos de Mayo, Peru, and Fort Worth Comprehensive Hemophilia Center, USA.  The Organization Twin Awards for 2006 went to: Haemophilia Society of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Irish Haemophilia Society.

Dr. Kathleen Pratt with Norbert Ferré,
of the French Association of Hemophilia

Dr. Kathleen Pratt was awarded the Henri Chaigneau Prize by the French Association of Hemophilia.  This research award is named in honour of the Association’s founder, who was also a founding member of the WFH. Dr. Pratt was recognized for her innovative work and research on the formation of inhibitors, and for her collaboration with the scientific and medical community involved in hemophilia care.

Hemophilia World, September 2008