International Frank Schnabel Volunteer Award


The International Frank Schnabel Award was established in 2004, named in honour of WFH founder Frank Schnabel. This award honours an individual with hemophilia, or a family member of a person with hemophilia who has contributed significantly to further the mission and goals of the WFH.

The award is given every two years at Congress.

Mark Skinner, WFH USA President, winner of the 2016 International Frank Schnabel Volunteer Award; left to right: Tom Skinner (his father), Alain Weill (WFH President) and Brian Skinner (his nephew).  

We invite you to nominate an individual with hemophilia or another inherited bleeding disorder, or a family member who has contributed significantly in furthering the mission and goals of the WFH. Nominees must meet the criteria below in order to be considered.


  • A number of years’ involvement in the work of WFH
  • Involvement in one or several areas such as WFH committees and programs on blood safety, communications, healthcare development, fundraising, congress, or WFH national member organizations

Not Eligible

  • Current WFH Board members
  • WFH staff 

The deadline to submit a nomination is December 12, 2017.

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Past recipients

Mark Skinner

David Page
Canadian Hemophilia Society

Brian O’Mahony
Irish Hemophilia Society

Martha Patricia Monteros Rincón
Federación de Hemofilia de la República Mexicana

Antonia Luque de Garrido

Venezuelan Association of Hemophilia (AVH)

Jean-Michel Bouchez

Association Française des Hémophiles

Yuri Zhulyov

Russian Hemophilia Society

Ashok Verma

Hemophilia Federation India

Updated September 2017