Advocacy Recognition Award 2012-2014

This award recognizes outstanding progress in advocacy by a patient organization to strengthen the voice of those impacted by inherited bleeding disorders. It is awarded to a patient organization that demonstrates best practices in the implementation of an advocacy project.


  • Completed a successful advocacy campaign in the previous year
  • Noteworthy advocacy activities and strategies that are worth sharing/highlighting with others
  • Campaign’s contribution to the longer-term advocacy process
  • Campaign elements that can be applied or replicated in other contexts and locations


Selection is made by the Advocacy Project Grant Selection Committee.

Past recipients

  • 2014
  • 2013
  • 2012

Polish Hemophilia Society
  • The Polish Hemophilia Society is awarded a grant for its project “Prophylaxis for all children and young people with hemophilia”, which aimed at extending prophylaxis to cover young adults, up to the age of 25;
  • The NMO used various advocacy tools, including media campaigns, press releases, radio and TV broadcasts, press conferences and meetings with health care officials; 
  •  The Society developed convincing arguments of the cost-effectiveness of prophylaxis.

Among the results achieved throughout the project are:

  • The Quality of Life press conference conducted increased awareness among the stakeholders about the need to provide prophylaxis to all young people with hemophilia;
  • Near 100% of children with hemophilia are now covered and can access prophylaxis because the NMO advocated covering the costs of the expensive infusion sets;
  • The government promised to extend the prophylaxis to all patients under 25 years old no later than in 2014;
  • The commitment to gradually increase adults’ access to prophylaxis in consecutive years is included in the National Hemophilia Treatment Program.
  • The NMO is currently advocating for continuous improvement of access to prophylaxis and the development of a network of hemophilia treatment centers.

Córdoba Affiliate of the Hemophilia Foundation of Argentina
  • The Foundation successfully implemented an advocacy campaign to raise awareness within the government about the need of comprehensive care for people with hemophilia in Córdoba, regardless of their social status;
  • After attending government public activities, meetings, preparing proposals, and presenting relevant data to the concerned stakeholders, the NMO achieved its objectives and more.
  •  In particular, the care for people with hemophilia never stopped.
  •  All the people with hemophilia from Córdoba province were included in the Comprehensive Centre for Hemophilia Treatment (CCHT) care, regardless of their health coverage.
  • Full professional staff of the interdisciplinary medical team at the CCHT was retained.
  • The Ministry of Health promised to set up the definitive physical space within this public hospital.
  • We would like to recognize today the affiliate’s efforts to ensure that every person with hemophilia in Córdoba receives the best treatment for their condition in a comprehensive and interdisciplinary manner.

Hemophilia Federation of the Republic of Mexico A.C.
  • The Mexican Federation campaigned for seven years, beginning in 2003 and ending in 2010, to provide free treatment and care for uninsured children who have either hemophilia or VWD.
  • The NMO faced numerous important roadblocks on its way to success, including government changes after four years of hard work.
  • Using various tools and tactics, including media coverage and a national-wide education campaign, the organization managed to get support of the health authorities. 
  • In 2010, the social insurance department has finally agreed to insure all children under 10 with hemophilia and VWD that were not insured elsewhere. 
  • The end result was not only an agreement to change national health policy, but also new support at the state-level in three states, and an increase in public awareness about hemophilia. 

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