United Kingdom

Country: United Kingdom
City: Manchester

Manchester Haemophilia Comprehensive Care Centre (Children’s and Adult’s ) Manchester Royal Infirmary and Manchester Children’s Hospital
Oxford Road, Manchester
M13 9WL, UK
Tel.: 44 161 276 4810/4811
Fax: 44 161 276 4814

Director: Professor Charles RM Hay

Medical Associates:
Dr. Andrew Will (Directs Children’s Service, Dr. John Granger (also Paediatric), Dr. Jecko Thachil and Dr. Mike Nash
Fellowship logistics coordinator: Charles Hay and Jecko Thachil (
Year of IHTC designation: 2008

Areas of specialty: Adult and pediatric hematology; Laboratory Diagnosis and hemostasis; Orthopedic care and surgery; Nursing; Molecular genetics; National Hemophilia database


Location: Located on Oxford road on the University of Manchester campus.

Climate: In general, the weather in Manchester is mild, with sunny summers and cold, wet winters. Snowfall is infrequent, but winter days can be frosty and clear.

Accommodation: Rental flats in the area.

Language: English and German


Clinical activities: We have around 1,700 patients that we follow at the centre: 450 have Haemophilia A, 82 have Haemophilia  B, 520 have Von Willebrand disease (all severities plus more than 20 with type 3 VWD), and more than 500 have other rare bleeding disorders. As for the staff, we have five consultant including two paediatrics practicing exclusively in thrombosis and haemostasis; one staff doctor; eight nurses; eight laboratory personnel, including DNA diagnostics; one data manager and clinical research staff. We are the third largest comprehensive Care Centre in the UK and are in a position to offer training in all areas listed above. Since we originally applied for IHTC status, the Paediatric Service has moved on site (just down the corridor and we now collaborate far more closely with the paediatric service than before. We are therefore, now in a position to offer training for paediatric trainees as well as adult.

Laboratory activities/research: We have close links with the National Quality control scheme (NEQUAS) based in Sheffield. Our DNA lab currently employs the chair of the UK Genetics Network which is a network of Haemostasis DNA diagnostic labs. We have a large joint obstetric service complemented by a world class DNA lab so trainees would benefit from experience managing bleeders and carriers during pregnancy.

Multidisciplinary activities/research: We have a very active orthopaedic program and several Haemostasis clinics weekly plus patients dropping in with acute problems all the time. Trainees would have the opportunity to learn from a multidisciplinary team managing patients in a holistic manner.

To see a sample curriculum of the training that will be provided, please click on the following links:

Genetics: PDF
Coagulation Laboratory: PDF

Updated July 2014