United Kingdom

Country: United Kingdom
City: Sheffield

Sheffield Haemophilia and Thrombosis Centre
Royal Hallamshire Hospital
Glossop Road
Sheffield , S11 8RN
United Kingdom
Tel.: 44 114 2268843
Fax: +44 114 2756126

Director: Mike Makris
Medical Associates: Eddie Hampton, Rhona Maclean, Joost van Veen
Fellowship logistics coordinator: Estelle Gilman (
Year of IHTC designation: 1992

Areas of specialty: Adult hematology; Laboratory diagnosis and hemostasis; Molecular genetics


Location: Sheffield Haemophilia and Thrombosis Centre is situated in Sheffield, U.K. Sheffield covers a population of two million inhabitants. Sheffield is located in the centre of the United Kingdom, in close proximity to the Peak District National Park. It has all the student facilities and environment one would expect from a university city.

Climate: The climate is temperate, with possible snow in winter but mild in summer, sometimes with rain.

Accommodation: Hospital accommodation is available nearby at reasonable rates, with good cafeteria facilities within the hospital.

Language: English and Greek


Clinical activities: The Sheffield Haemophilia and Thrombosis Centre is a comprehensive care hemophilia centre, located in Sheffield, U.K. It has more than 1000 pediatric and adult patients with all forms of inherited bleeding disorders. There is a dedicated hematology ward and the hemophilia service is staffed by four consultants in hemostasis and thrombosis, and one junior physician. In addition, there are four hemophilia nursing, one social worker and one physiotherapist. There is also a bi-monthly combined hemophilia/orthopedic clinic.

Laboratory activities/research: There is a large coagulation laboratory, the UK National External Quality Assessment Scheme (UK NEQAS), directed by Dr. Steve Kitchen, which undertakes all of the investigations necessary for the diagnosis and management of patients with inherited and acquired bleeding and thrombotic disorders. The laboratory regularly participates in the calibration of WHO International standards, which has included standards for factors II, VII, VIII:C, IX, X, vWF antigen and activity, PC, PS and AT. Staff from the centre are active in national and international bodies associated with hemostasis and thrombosis, including the WFH and the science and standardization committees of the International Society on Thrombosis and Hemostasis. In addition, there is a large Molecular Genetics Unit directed by Prof. Ian Peake and Dr. Anne Goodeve. Main areas of interest of the molecular genetics laboratory include hemophilia and von Willebrand disease.

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Updated July 2014