United States

Country: USA
City: New York, New York

Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Mount Sinai Medical Center
19 East 98th St.,
New York , NY 10029
Tel.: 212 241 8303
Fax: 212 722 8698

Director: Christopher E. Walsh
Medical Associates: Mariam Meade, Mariam Voutsis
Fellowship logistics coordinator: Mariam Voutsis
Year of IHTC designation: 1993

Areas of specialty: Adult and pediatric hematology; Laboratory diagnosis and hemostasis; Nursing; Orthopedic care and surgery; Molecular genetics; Social services


Location: Manhattan, New York

Climate: Four seasons, with some extremes in winter and summer

Accommodation: Varies dependent upon availability.

Language: English and Spanish


Clinical activities: The Mount Sinai Hemophilia Treatment Center (HTC) is the Health and Human Services Region II Grantee for the Maternal and Child Health and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention funding. It offers comprehensive hemophilia care for 300 patients with coagulation disorders, 75 of whom are HIV infected and 80 patients with VWD. The center also serves as a secondary and tertiary treatment center for consultation and surgery to patients from other metropolitan area hemophilia programs.

HTC staffing includes two physicians, an orthopedist, two nurse clinicians, one social worker, physical therapist and a data manager. The HTC clinic utilizes 1,000 square feet of space with clinic sessions every Friday. This area includes a waiting area, nurses/phlebotomy station, staff room and seven examination rooms. In excess of 750 clinic visits per year, both comprehensive and follow-up, are provided through these clinic facilities.

Laboratory activities/research: Because of its large, stable, compliant patient population, the quality of the institution’s coagulation laboratory and close collaborative relationship with the Mount Sinai AIDS Clinical Trial Unit, the clinical research component of the HTC has gained a worldwide reputation. The Mount Sinai HTC continues to participate in research sponsored by US National Institutes of Health (NIH), Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and industry-sponsored studies. It is the study site for over 25 protocols including phase II safety and efficacy trials of new factor concentrates, therapeutic trials, blood safety surveillance, and prospective natural history studies of HIV infection.

Multidisciplinary activities/research: Clinical services include a diagnostic coagulation laboratory, emergency facilities, and in-patient services for hemophiliacs, 24-hour hematology, orthopedic, neurology, dentistry and oral surgery coverage and efficient utilization of the hospital blood bank.

Updated July 2014