Country: Belgium
City: Leuven

Hemofiliecentrum Leuven, University of Leuven
Campus Gasthuisberg, O & N, Herestraat 49, B-3000, Leuven, Belgium
Tel.: 32 16 343 491; 32 16 346 018
Fax: 32 16 345 990; 32 16 343 493

Director: Kathelijne Peerlinck
Medical Associates: Prof. Kathelijne Peerlinck; Prof. C Van Geet; Prof. V. Labarque; Prof. M. Jacquemin
Fellowship logistics coordinator: Kathelijne Peerlinck
Year of IHTC designation: 1972

Areas of specialty: Adult and pediatric hematology; Laboratory diagnosis (not genetics); Nursing, Psychology/Social services; Orthopedic care and surgery


Location: The centre is located centrally in Leuven.

Climate: The weather remains moderate all year round with average highs of 23 degrees Celsius in the summer (June to August) and average lows of 1 degree Celsius in the winter (December to February)

Accommodations: close to the centre

Language: Dutch, English and French


Clinical activities: The Haemophilia Treatment Centre is part of the Department of Internal Medicine. The Centre assures the regular follow-up of 1000 patients with hemophilia and other bleeding disorders. Trainees are involved in all activities concerning in-patients with bleeding disorders, e.g. organizing  of all bleeding disorder related issues including design and monitoring of treatment with coagulation factors.

Laboratory activities/research: Our routine coagulation laboratory performs all tests necessary to diagnose patients with bleeding (and thrombotic) disorders. Trainees could learn about basic coagulation assays, basic clotting factor assays, etc. Our research laboratory is involved in research manly on factor VIII inhibitors, platelet disorders and lupus anticoagulant.

Multidisciplinary activities/research: Once weekly, a multidisciplinary consultation (including orthopedics, paediatrics, physical therapy and psych-pedagogic support as needed) is organized. Support is provided for patients on home treatment. Peri- and postoperative treatment is provided for general surgical and orthopedic operations. A specialized nurse is attached to the centre, and is responsible for instruction of auto transfusion.

Updated July 2014