Twins of the Year Awards 2006

The WFH annually recognizes the most exceptional organization and treatment centre partnerships with Twin of the Year Awards. The 2006 awards have been won by:

2006 Centre Twin Award

Hospital dos de Mayo – Lima, Peru
Fort Worth Comprehensive Hemophilia Centre– Fort Worth, Texas (USA)

Lima - Fort Worth twins have contributed to updating the national registry of people with hemophilia, trained staff and association members on comprehensive care practices in Lima and Arequipa, and provided specialized training for social workers, nurses and physiotherapists. They have also developed a Youth Leadership Program. In 2006, their Outreach Program in Arequipa included a symposium with more than 100 participants, and a workshop for patients and families with 70 participants. Twice a year, Fort Worth sends a medical team to visit and continue training in three treatment centers in Peru, demonstrating their dedication to the WFH twinning program and their strong collaboration with their South American counterparts.

2006 Organization Twin Award

Haemophilia Society of Bosnia & Herzegovina
Irish Haemophilia Society

With the ongoing support of their Irish twin, Bosnia and Herzegovina made significant headway in 2006 through their diversified fundraising initiatives, improved volunteer recruitment, and diligent lobbying of the Ministry of Health for an increased supply of factor, and for the official recognition of their national Hemophilia Treatment Centre. They also organized their first hemophilia symposium, which drew over 100 participants from 5 countries and major media coverage, sent delegates to the Irish Conference on Hepatitis C, and established preliminary contacts with the Bosnian Serbian Republic.


Updated May 2012