Journey Around the World – Peru

Welcome to Peru

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Carlos's story, instructions, and activities 

Other resources

Twins of the Yea Awards 2006
Hospital dos de Mayo – Lima, Peru and Forth Worth Comprehensive Haemophilia Centre – Fort Worth, Texas (USA).

Hemophilia World, January 2007, page 5 
“Tears of blood” drying up in Peru and Ecuador.

Hemophilia World, December 2008, page 1 
Spotlight on the power of twinning.

10-minute documentary filmed in Peru, April 2008
Twinning of the Hospital Nacional Dos De Mayo in Lima and the Fort Worth Comprehensive Hemophilia Center in Fort Worth, Texas.

WFH Report on the Annual Global Survey

Hemophilia World, April 2010, page 5 
New Era in Improving Hemophilia Care in Peru.

Updated May 2012